Doctor Life "Chip"

Compact and slim shielding device for cell phones or any small appliance EMF.

The device is barrier filter in the form of short-circuited turns of a certain size. They are produced from applicators of different shapes made of a special alloy of copper, silver and gold and also some technological constructive modern particularities, which are the know-how.

When getting into the negative radiation zone a powerful induced counter electromotive force appears in the device aimed at damping «unfavorable» radiation in the most dangerous for the human frequency range (40-70 GHz).

 Besides, in its action radius, this appliance also makes a human energy system harmonic, giving a necessary level of energy to organs which are weak because of illnesses.

EASY TO USE – Our compact & ultra-slim (0.02mm) EMF cell phone protector design easily slips inside the phone back cover or cell phone case, doesn’t use any adhesive, and is therefore, easy to remove & use in other devices – no negative impact on aesthetic appeal, nor any damage!

Now Your phone is ready for work.

The protection radius is 75 cm.

Experimental checking showed 10 times weakening of a signal, which influences human’s brain.

Made in Russia

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