Doctor Life - "AQUA"

Device for water structuring «AQUA» erases negative information, protects the water from external electromagnetic radiation, and does it perfectly, without affecting the chemical composition and not making significant efforts to modify the environment.
Structures water and all food products containing water (hot, ready meals, drinks, vegetables, fruits). Adds additional positive forms of energy to food and water.

The device sizes 100mm x 100mm, compact and flat, which makes it easy to fit under any containers with water and placed on any level surfaces.

High level of structuring of water treated with «AQUA» device brings order into the whole body. When we consume this water we improve the activity of the body at the cellular level. This leads to improvement of organs functioning and increases the level of health and vitality of human.

Studies of the state of intercellular water showed that under the influence of electric fields passing near the spine, the molecules of intercellular water polarize, change shape, which leads to negative manifestations in the body.

Increased consumption of structured water:
• contributes to the prolongation of human life for 15-20 years;
• improves the functioning of the organism at the cellular level;
• stimulates the regeneration of tissues and organs;
• improves the supply of blood to oxygen and cleanses the blood vessels;
• increases immunity and eliminates the effect of free radicals;
• helps to cleanse the body and reduce cholesterol;
• stabilizes the acid-base balance and improves digestive functions;
• normalizes the work of the kidneys and helps to remove toxins from the body.

It is proved that structured water has memory and the ability to store information.
The high level of organization of water treated with the product «AQUA», brings order to the whole body. Consuming such water, we improve the activity of the organism at the cellular level. This leads to better performance of organs and increases the level of health and vitality of a person.
The device «AQUA» not only restores and preserves the natural structure of water, but also protects it from external electromagnetic field radiations (EMF/EMR).

To structure the water, put a container of water on the «front side of the device» (exposure time from 30 minutes).
To reduce pain, attach the device face to the sore spot.
The efficiency is 90%.

Warranty period — 5 years from the date of purchase.
The service life is not limited.
It is prohibited to open the device and to allow moisture to enter inside.
Has no analogues.

Made in Russia